Traveling during the summer and winter holidays may be the most popular seasons to go, but there are many benefits to traveling during the off-season as well. First and foremost, traveling during the off-season can be considered less hassle because of reduced crowds at popular tourist attractions which is perfect for those hoping to dodge the swarms of tourists in different parts of the world.

So, thinking of traveling in April? Here are some of the best places that people could visit together with their loved ones.

10 Visit The “City Of Light” — Paris

According to many avid travelers in Paris, spring in the city is a must-see experience! A romantic trip to Paris in April would be incomplete without a visit to the City of Light. In fact, it is recommended for travelers to stroll down the Champs Elysees now that the summer crowds haven't descended, for sure it will be an unforgettable experience for lovers! It is also possible that the weather in Paris in April will be less than ideal for a romantic getaway. However, for more than a weekend in the area, travelers can expect to see both sun and rain, but the weather will just be moderate, so for sure they can still roam around the city and enjoy the beauty of the place. One of the things that makes Paris beautiful in April is the blooming of the flowers, so be sure to bring a camera and a huge memory card to capture all the beautiful images and sceneries in the area!

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9 Experience Autumn In New Zealand

Autumn on New Zealand's South Island was one of the most beautiful views according to many visitors to the country. In fact, the crisp New Zealand fall and its spectacular foliage, combined with crystal blue lakes, alpine vistas, and flocks of sheep are perfect for lovers that want to experience nature while they are traveling! In April, a trip to New Zealand by car would be an ideal romantic getaway. For sure, travelers will have a holiday they will remember for a long time thanks to the fresh air, empty motorways, charming villages, and pleasant locals offered in New Zealand.

8 Come Visit Lake Como In Italy

In the month of April, if lovers’ ideal weather is springtime, Lake Como is perfect for them! Tremezzo's century-old Grand Hotel Tremezzo is one of the possibilities if they are seeking an elegant hideaway for A-listers and Italian aristocracy. This magnificent Art Nouveau estate in its own private park with three swimming pools, a private beach, and a lakeside seafood restaurant named Giacomo al Lago is a perfect place for anyone who wants a view of the sea while experiencing royal treatment. In fact, lovers can also visit Villa Carlotta and Villa Monastero which are two of the region's many historic villas that can be toured by boat on a leisurely afternoon. They can visit the locals and experience the traditional living of Italians.

7 Experience Nature In Sedona, Arizona

Sedona is the ideal location for a wellness reset, thanks to the area's tremendous energy vortexes, stunning views, and an abundance of hiking trails. In the heart of Sedona, the L'Auberge de Sedona is atop Oak Creek, where lovers may pick from the Vista Cottages with their stunning views of the red rock formations or the Creekside Cottages, where they can also wake up to the sound of Oak Creek. Aside from those, lovers can enjoy forest bathing, sound healing, meditation, yoga, and stargazing as some of the activities available for those who want a deeper immersion into nature.

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6 Immerse With Nature And The Local Culture In Saint Lucia

To experience the best of what the Caribbean has to offer, it is perfect to choose Saint Lucia! Whether it's trekking the Site Pitons, exploring the rainforest in search of spectacular waterfalls, jungle biking, horseback riding, scuba diving, zip-lining, or having mud baths in sulfur springs, there's something for everyone on this Caribbean island. With its various amenities on this island, lovers can also choose to stay in a cottage and enjoy its private plunge pool or have a luxurious rainforest treehouse spa treatment!

5 Witness Amsterdam’s Prime Time On April

A great time to see the country's famed tulips is in full bloom in April. In the heart of Amsterdam's Nine Streets neighborhood, the Pulitzer Amsterdam, a 25-house canal complex dating back to the 17th century, is the ideal starting point for exploring the city's diverse boutiques and restaurants. It is recommended for lovers to take a quick 30-minute drive to the Keukenhof, which hosts an annual tulip festival for everyone to see the country's national flower in full bloom.

4 Feel The Signature Luxury Vibes of St. Barth

April is a great time to visit the swanky island that's so popular with the rich and famous because of its mellow luxury atmosphere and lower crowds. On top of that, from April 17 to 23, there is the Voiles de St. Barth regatta for those who enjoy sailing. To have the greatest view of the yacht races, lovers should make a reservation at Hotel Christopher's new Riviera restaurant, which also boasts a great vantage position for watching the sunset. Meanwhile, lovers can also choose to stay at the Hotel Barrière Le Carl Gustaf in Gustavia, on the other side of the island which is just a short walk from the beach, restaurants, and shops.

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3 Experience Elegance In Las Vegas, Nevada

The Four Seasons in Las Vegas is an oasis of calm in the middle of the city's neon-lit hustle and bustle. It is a great starting point for lovers to explore the surrounding national parks and natural wonders, such as the Grand Canyon, which is just east of town, and Death Valley, which is just west. During this month, the terrible summer heat hasn't yet arrived in Las Vegas, but the temps are still good for lazing by the hotel's massive pool in April.

2 Appreciate The History Of Savannah In Georgia While Visiting Its Tourists Attractions

Tourists are lucky that this historic city has a relatively low visitor season in April. Both the weather and the number of visitors visiting Savannah are at their peak at this time of year. During the visit here, lovers can go to the Telfair Museum of Art, the Southeast's oldest public art institution, or take a horse-drawn carriage tour around the city! If craving food, Savannah's best restaurants include the Olde Pink House, Bubba Gumbo's, and Leopold's, all of which serve up delectable seafood. Meanwhile, in terms of hotels, the Perry Lane Hotel's Luxury Collection Rooftop Bar offers some of the best views in the city from its large rooms and suites.

1 Dance The Night Away In Buenos Aires Argentina

For lovers who want to dance or learn some traditional dance, it is perfect to visit Buenos Aires and learn how to do the Tango! Even if not a fan of tango, lovers should still make the trip to this beautiful city. They can stay at Park Hyatt Buenos Aires Palacio Duhau, a former palace that was converted into a hotel, or stop at Bar Sur for a spot of tango and even go to the antique markets. So go ahead and book your spot in one of these places!

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