Canada has rich and beautiful scenery; everything from glaciers to lakes to mountains. These hikes will lead visitors through all sorts of nature, from grasslands to mountainous forests that will open to gorgeous views over glaciers and lakes.

All these trails range in difficulty, from beginner to advanced. There are several levels because everyone has different activity levels, and each type of hike will have different equipment necessary for a successful and safe hike.

10 Lighthouse Park

Lighthouse Park is considered to be one of the most beautiful parks in Vancouver, located on the West Vancouver shores. There are a variety of easy trails in this park, with most of them being on flat land. Hikers who choose to take a long way walk up to 6 kilometers (3.7 miles), but there is a quicker route that is a short 10-minute walk straight to the lighthouse.

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9 Norvan Falls

This is one of the longest trails in this guide, at a whopping 14 kilometers (8.6 miles). The trail also does not have a lot of elevation gain, only going to 195 meters (640 feet) in height. This trail does have a few hills and more muddy spots but is very easy to hike in good weather.

8 Dog Mountain

This hike is listed as beginner-level because it is a short hike with minimal elevation gain. This trail includes a lake and a beautiful view of Vancouver on clear days. The path is only 5 kilometers (3.1 miles), but it is a bit more technical than other trails, so hikers must be careful to watch their step. Because of the technicality, it is considered to be on the more challenging side of easy hiking.

7 Elfin Lakes

This is considered an intermediate trail mostly due to the 22 kilometer (13.7 mile) distance that hikers have to walk, but also because of the narrowness of parts of the trail. On the trail are two small lakes, one of which visitors can cool themselves down in after they arrive.

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6 Mount Cheam

This 9.5 kilometer (5.9 miles) hike is one of the most rewarding on this list because of the amazing views that it gives visitors. It is rated as an intermediate trail because of the 700 meters (2296 feet) climb in elevation with steep uphills and switchbacks. But once hikers get to the topmost forget about the hike because of the amazing 360-degree views of surrounding communities.

5 Joffre Lakes

Joffre Lakes is an intermediate trail due to the technicality required in the trail. There are three gorgeous lakes to be discovered on this 10 kilometer (6.2 miles) trail, with the first only being a few minutes in. But other lakes are through a boulder field and up steep parts of the trail. Hikers have to be careful where they step on the trail because it is very easy to step on roots or a rock.

4 Diez Vistas

After just a few minutes, hikers reach the steepest part of the hike: a series of switchbacks that leads them to the first view. After that, hikers will encounter several more views on the trail as they walk towards the lake. This 15 kilometer (9.3 miles) trail is considered intermediate because of the steepness of the switchbacks at the beginning.

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3 Wedgemount Lake

This trail is on the difficult list because of how much elevation is gained in such a short amount of time. On this 7 kilometer (7.5 miles) hike, hikers gain 1160 meters (3806 feet) in elevation. The trail may start out with a small incline, but it soon turns into a series of steep switchbacks that hikers need to be prepared for. But the spectacular views at the top make the whole hike worth it.

2 Panorama Ridge

This is one of the hardest hikes on the list because of the distance and effort it takes to hike this trail. At 30 kilometers (18.6 miles), this trail will take most people around 12 hours to complete, gaining almost 1520 meters (5000 feet) in elevation. But some hikers choose to camp overnight around halfway through the trail in order to be less tired and enjoy all of the beauty the trail has to offer.

1 Black Tusk

This trail is only for experienced hikers. While this is one of the most spectacular mountains in the area, getting to the top is extremely treacherous. This 29 kilometer (18 miles) hike has loose shale and requires experienced rock climbing to get to the top, and is not recommended by professionals. Since it is such a long and difficult hike, many hikers will also camp on this trail.

Research is key to having a safe hike. Visitors want to research weather and trail closures before driving out to their chosen trails. Having all of the proper gear and being prepared for anything is key to staying safe while hiking. Visitors should also keep in mind that all of these hikes are listed at different difficulties for a reason and each hiker should stay in their comfort zone.

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