Europe has some of the most developed countries in the world. It is also home to many people with different cultures, histories, languages, races, and ways of life. As a result, it provides room for great diversity and experiences. With the continent having so many developed countries, the opportunities are endless.

The cities in Europe are extensive, developed, modern, and with many things to experience. Tourists will have a lot of fun touring different cities in Europe in 2022. However, since there are many cities, it may be difficult for a person to decide exactly which one to visit and which one to leave. As a result, here are the top 10 cities you should travel to in Europe.

10 Valletta, Malta

It is a small-sized city found in Malta and is one of the most extraordinary cities to visit in Europe due to its history. Valletta started in 1566, and it is located between natural harbors. As a result, it has been a Unesco heritage city for years.

A traveler will find gilded cathedrals, grand mansions with bastion walls, gardens, city gates, and more ancient features to behold. Touring the streets of Valletta is a moment that will stick on anyone's mind for a long time. Some of the best activities would be touring the Grand Harbour, firing cannons, and visiting the Saluting Battery.

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9 Reykjavik

It is the capital city of Iceland. It is an excellent destination for tourists interested in seeing the north's rich history, attractions, and culture. The Blue Lagoon is a popular attraction in this city. It is located north, and the climate is generally pleasant.

Reykjavik also has a coastline that offers tourists a great experience of seeing puffins and whales. Another fantastic destination is Mount Esja. The neighboring regions have small islands and hot springs. The best moment in this city could be witnessing the Northern Lights.

8 Berlin, Germany

Berlin, Germany, is one of the cities in Europe with great history. The city has a large and diverse population. However, what attracts visitors to Berlin is the history of the city. There are many museums and monuments to visit and learn more about the city and its history.

Some activities and destinations include the famous Berlin Wall and the Prussian palace. One can also take a boat ride around the city, attend winter events or take a train around the city.

7 Seville, Andalusia

Seville is found in Andalusia, Spain. It is also called “Sunny Seville”. The city is popular for its amazing traditional festivals and tapas restaurants that attract visitors. One will get a chance to enjoy their parks and plazas along with Spanish guitar soundtracks on the streets.

Besides the culture and lifestyle, Seville is a city well-known for its Gothic and Moorish architecture. As a result, there are more than enough of these architectural pieces for one to study and enjoy. Monuments such as the Royal Alcazar palace, Giralda tower, and the Cathedral are a must-visit.

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6 Athens, Greece

Athens is a city well-known for the rich history it carries. Ancient history is displayed all over the city. The ancient ruins of the then Greek capital will give visitors enough memories. However, the city has grown to a modern center, but all the history is preserved.

When traveling to Athens, visit the Parthenon temple's columns. One can also witness unique art in the streets. Athens has beaches for relaxation on hot days. A must-visit destination is the Panathenaic Stadium which dates back to AD143. The stadium hosted the first-ever modern Olympics.

5 Istanbul, Turkey

Although Istanbul is a modern city, there is so much history to experience. The city is full of life with amazing food and exciting nightlife. It also has good beaches for a great vacation away from city life.

However, areas like the Byzantine basilica of Aya Sofya are a must-see. Here, its iconic dome and gold mosaics and columns leave one speechless. Another destination is the Topkapi Palace and the Grand Bazaar.

4 Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam is yet another famous city to visit in Europe in 2022. It is a well-developed city with so many activities for a traveler. One of them is the Sylphlike canals that will give you a chance to take a boat tour around the houses of the gabled houses of the city. There are several green parks, museums, and whirring bicycles.

It is a lively city with great nightlife. Rijksmuseum is a great destination for travelers looking to discover more about the Netherlands and its history. The Amsterdam Red Light District is a region that provides great nightlife and street life with a modern touch.

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3 Budapest, Hungary

It is one of the most attractive and unique cities in Europe. It is the capital city of Hungary, and it receives a high number of visitors. Budapest is popular for its baroque architecture and sensational art. One of the attractive features is River Danube which passes between historic Vivacious Pest and Buda historic hills.

A visitor will find unique museums and monuments within the city carrying the right country's history. The ancient architecture is evident throughout the city, manifested mainly by its ancient archways. Other destinations include Szechenyi and the Buda Castle.

2 Florence, Italy

It is a city in France, small but famous enough for its culture, history, and art. Since the city is small, a visitor will find it easy to explore various streets and attractions within a short time. Brunelleschi’s marble is a masterpiece that dominates Florence. The Uffizi is a perfect place for a tourist interested in seeing the greatest art.

Other notable places to visit include Ponte Vecchio and Botticelli’s The Birth of Venus.

1 Madrid, Spain

Madrid city in Spain is home to amazing art galleries like the Prado. It is a city that has a modern feel with a great history. A visitor will be pleased to visit the Plaza Mayor, one of the best historic squares in Madrid.

Another charming destination in the city is the Mercado de San Miguel and Reina Sofia museum.

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