Alaska is home to some of the largest splendid national and state parks in the country, as well as some of the most expansive uninhabited zones in North America. With breathtaking scenic beauty, ample wildlife, and massive ice-age glaciers, Alaska's beauty and wealth are unique on earth. Paddling, hiking, whale spotting, and fishing are some of the many activities to delight in this wilderness treasure. Tourists will find a wide variety of wild to mild activities in Alaska and no matter what they do, traveling to this state is just pure fun! However, air touring the area gives travelers an opportunity to discover the great land from a different perspective. These are the most exciting aerial tours of Alaska, and they are worth every penny.

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10 Skagway Glacier Helicopter Tour

The 2-hour trip will take off from Skagway port. Then, the helicopter will fly over the mesmerizing glaciers embracing the area, leaving all traces of civilization to experience this beauty. Routes and landing zones are designated day-to-day depending on the weather to ensure that tourists see the greatest sights as the cascading waterfalls neighboring the Ferebee Glacier, the pointy peaks over the Chilkat Glacier, or the spectacular sceneries. Moreover, travelers will have the opportunity to walk atop a spectacular icy river.

  • Cost : the tour will cost $339 per person for people above 2 years old.
  • Helicopter capacity : It can fit up to 6 people.

9 Denali Flightseeing Tour from Talkeetna

This flight takes travelers within 9.6 Km (6 miles) of Denali's splendid south summit, which reaches an elevation of 5935 meters or 19,470 feet. They will also witness the marvelous north peak standing at an elevation of 6,194m or 20,320 feet. Adventurers will pass by the south and the east of Denali, exploring an ancient white world of immense snow-capped mountains, sharp lofty peaks, and glacial valleys. Sightseers have two options: either the 1-hour trip or the 1.5-hour tour. It depends on their willingness to land on a glacier.

  • Cost : the tour will cost $259 per person.
  • Helicopter capacity : It can fit up to 6 people.

8 Juneau Glacier Helicopter Tour And Dog Sledding

A lifetime experience is waiting for explorers. In this tour, travelers will not only be fascinated by the enchanting mountains, glaciers, and valleys of Juneau, but they will also experience the beauty of dog sledding. This exciting adventure starts with a picturesque helicopter tour in between magnificent mountain peaks and over shiny glaciers until adventurers arrive at Herbert Glacier, where they can enjoy a husky ride.

  • Cost : the tour will cost $565 per person.
  • Sled capacity : It can accommodate between 4 and 5 persons.

7 Misty Fjords Flight Tour

An unforgettable tour is waiting for tourists who would love to fly above the glacial granite cliffs and the waterfalls covering the forests of Misty Fjords National Monument. During the 1.5-hour tour, the pilot will be narrating the history and the ancient wildlife of the scenic landscape. Travelers will have the opportunity to see all unbeatable views and will extremely enjoy them due to noise-canceling headphones and a guaranteed window seat.

  • Cost : the tour will cost $299 per person.
  • Requirements: Minimum 3 travelers per booking.

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6 Juneau Icefield Helicopter Tour

Traveling through time due to the flight over million-year-old glacial icefields is fascinating and a must-do in Alaska. In Juneau icefield, travelers will enjoy spectacular views of mesmerizing rainforests, splendid icefalls, breathtaking rock formations of the mountain peaks, wonderful glaciers, incredible ice spires, and vibrant-blue crevasses. In addition, explorers will encounter deer, mountain goats, bears, and other wild animals while heading to the Herbert Glacier.

  • Cost : the tour will cost $321 per person.
  • Recommended : sunglasses, gloves, layered clothing, and hats.

5 Airplane Adventure Tour and Bear Viewing Excursion

The massive rainforest, volcanoes, and tundra of the Lake Clark National Park are reachable only by boat, taxi, or plane ride. During this tour, travelers take a helicopter from Anchorage directly to the park's finest spots to see bears. This type of tour allows the explorers to spend time safely near bears, hike in nature, and have a picnic on a quiet private beach. On their way to the shore, travelers will enjoy the view of splendid and unique landscapes.

  • Cost : the tour will cost $990 per person.
  • Group size : at least 2 persons and a maximum of 5.

4 Arctic Circle Aurora Fly Drive Adventure – Southbound

Worth every second, travelers seeking to see the enchanting Aurora Borealis and Arctic Circle have to book a 15-hour tour by car and air from Fairbanks. The tour will start with a flight from the previously mentioned town to Coldfoot in order to sightsee the Arctic Circle. Moreover, explorers will receive an official Arctic Circle Adventure Certificate. People will also have the chance to take a trip south along the Dalton Highway historical milestones such as the Yukon River and Trans-Alaska Pipeline. As for contemplating the Aurora Borealis, travelers have to stop in the evening at the city of Joy.

  • Cost : the tour will cost $529 per person.
  • Group size : Maximum 24 persons.

3 Glacier Landing Tour From Girdwood

Few people will walk or have the courage to hike on ancient ice, so to go on such a tour, the traveler must be lucky and brave. During this flight, explorers will discover one of the most heavily-glaciated areas of North America, the Chugach Mountains. A piece of art awaits the sightseers of this area who will also have the chance to walk on the glacier.

  • Cost : the tour will cost $466 per person.
  • Requirements: Minimum 2 travelers per booking.

2 South Side Explorer with Glacier Landing Tour

Flying high to the skies, roaming above glaciers, and enjoying an astonishing view of Denali National Park's scenery is what awaits a small group of sightseers during this tour. Travelers will hoover above the Great Gorge of the Ruth Glacier, the Susitna Valley, and the dramatic scenery and snowy peaks of the Alaska Range. Finally, they will complete their experience with a glacier landing.

  • Cost : the tour will cost $404 per person.
  • Group size: Up to 10 people per group.

1 Ketchikan Mountain Lake Tour via Helicopter

This flight will suit travelers looking for a short trip due to their narrow time. Explorers will sightsee one of Alaska's most diverse and virgin landscapes during this aerial tour. They will also discover the pleasant rainforest, Tongass National Forest, which houses black bears, mountain goats, and other animals. In addition, this tour will show people 5 splendid hidden lakes in the mountains.

  • Cost : the tour will cost $249 per person.
  • Helicopter capacity : A maximum of 3 persons can fit in each helicopter.

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