10 Bad Travel Habits To Quit (10 Good Ones That Can Replace Them)

Traveling is a part of life which most people love. However, it can also be quite stressful. Whether it be the planning element in booking hotels or the planning involved with booking flights, it is easy to get overwhelmed by the process of traveling abroad. If the very thought of travel stresses you out, we are more than happy to accommodate you throughout the article. The stress is likely created by a series of bad traveling habits. In this article we explore the 10 worst. If you committed any of these bad habits, don’t feel too bad. In truth most of us have committed a couple of these vacation sins in the past. Like everything else, traveling properly takes experience. You live and you learn.

The good news is, for every bad habit to quit we have a travel hack to replace these tendencies. The answers to various problems can be so easy. From a smaller suitcase to purchasing an empty water jug at the dollar tree, these are some of the simple steps to take which can totally recreate a traveler's experience.

Like always be sure to share the article with a fellow traveler and let us know via Facebook which habit you can’t seem to snap out of, and which solution you enjoyed the most. Be sure to scroll down this list before you head to your next destination – preferably a week in advance. Here are ten bad travel habits to quit and ten good ones that can replace them. Enjoy!

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20 Bad Habit – Bringing A Certain Amount To Spend

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This likely happened to you. You leave the credit card at home and just bring an X amount of dollars. Before you know it you’re out of money and forced into being selective for the rest of the trip (in order to accommodate the amount of money you brought). This is a reoccurring problem that can hurt a traveler's experience.

You really never know when it comes to the amount of money you spend at a destination until you get there. Putting a cap might seem like a good decision but in truth, it just hurts the overall experience.

19 New Habit – Bring More Than You Need


In order to avoid the risk of being left with nothing, we advise that you always bring a little more than you need (or think you need). If you are insistent on bringing cash, we recommend a little more than what you estimate might be needed.

This leaves you with a lot of room for comfort and hey, it can lead to an extra night out or even a few extra souvenirs for the family. If need be you can also bring a credit or debit card as a form of insurance just in case. It is better to be safe than sorry in this case.

18 Bad Habit - Picking Any Flight/Hotel


This one can lead to a terrible trip experience if you aren’t careful. When trying to save a couple of bucks, some travelers have the bad habit of picking the cheapest flights and hotels. This leads to a terrible experience and one that you’ll likely end up regretting. In some cases picking a flight or hotel worth a few extra dollars can make all the difference.

Don’t settle for a better price or the first flight/hotel that you see online. It can set the tone for a forgettable trip experience.

17 New Habit – Do Your Research

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Selecting the first flight that fits your schedule can be so easy. However the result might not be as desired. We recommend that you search information on the particular airline before booking the trip. The same goes for the hotel you’re staying at. Granted the place you visit is the biggest factor but a poor hotel choice can hurt the overall experience. Before booking any of the two, make sure you research traveler reviews.

We also advise you develop a habit of looking around for top prices. At times, just simply paying closer attention can result in you saving a couple of extra dollars.

16 Bad Habit – Over Packing


How many times has this happened to you? You fill up a massive suitcase filled with clothes only to wear a couple of the items during a week-long trip. Don’t feel too sorry if that’s you. This is a bad habit lots of travelers experience on the regular. Over-packing is never a good thing especially in the event that a bag gets lost. The last thing you want is all your best clothes and items in that suitcase. It is one of the many reasons you should not over-pack.

If anything, leave some room for a couple of souvenirs or purchases made at your travel destination.

15 New Habit – Use A Smaller Luggage

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A simple way to break this bad habit is by packing up a smaller suitcase. That’ll limit the amount of things you can bring. We also recommend that you put a couple of the items in a carry-on bag. This is very important so that in the event that a bag gets lost, you still have a couple of items at your disposal as opposed to losing everything.

A smaller suitcase can lead to easier preparation and one that is a lot less stressful. With all the time you’ll save packing you can put it to good use elsewhere. Time is crucial when preparing for a flight - don’t make over packing a part of the problem.

14 Bad Habit – Language Barriers

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This happens to almost every traveler. You head to a vacation destination unable to speak the language. Before you know it you’ve agreed to lots of things you didn’t want to without even knowing. This can be problematic as soon as you get off a flight.

Take Mexico for example. Workers hassle you at the airport promoting various services. Instead of taking a free bus you can get stuck with paying for a cab. That is just one of the many problems that occur when you don't know the language in a foreign destination.

13 New Habit – Know The Basics

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Now we aren’t saying that you should take a full course and get to know the language word for word. Instead we advise that you at least get to know the basics of the language. You can also search online for the type of tendencies and things to expect once you get to a foreign country with a different language.

It can be overwhelming not knowing where you are or speaking the same tongue. At the very least get familiar with the basics; it’ll cause less stress than not knowing anything at all. Make this a new habit come your next trip.

12 Bad Habit - Grocery Shopping At Expensive, Well-Known Stores

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In the event that you are not in an all inclusive resort you likely need to do a bit of grocery shopping. At the very least you’ll need some snacks to munch on throughout the day or during some relax time. A classic mistake made by tourists is opting for the well-known grocery store names. These grocery stores are aware of the travelers and it usually leads to inflated prices.

Try to avoid grocery shopping in tourist attraction areas. It will result in having to pay more than you really need to - even if it’s for basics such as fruits and vegetables. Whole Foods, although a great store, is an example of a retailer with overly expensive price points.

11 New Habit - Find Reasonable Local Alternatives

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Doing an extra bit of research and driving just a little further can save you lots of money. Don’t settle for the first store you see. As we stated that’s especially true for markets located in tourist hotspots.

Go a little further and you’re more than likely to find a local alternative that has the same items at half the price. This is usually the case wherever you go. Especially if you plan on eating in on most nights this is a crucial step you must take and one that is worth the extra couple of minutes to research.

10 Bad Habit - Dehydration

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This is one of those things most travelers tend to neglect. You get so excited and overwhelmed by the tourism aspect that you forget to stop and just have a darn sip of water. Not doing so can lead to lots of negatives especially in warmer climates. Exhaustion is a lot more apparent without water, nausea and headaches can also play a role when one is dehydrated.

You’re burning a lot of calories throughout the day walking to the various areas you are visiting. Make sure you are staying fueled throughout and not neglecting water. Your well-being is what’s most important at all times. You can’t fully enjoy the experience without feeling good.

9 New Habit – Bring a Reusable Water Jug


Yes, a new habit can be that easy and one that costs nothing more than a couple of bucks. In fact you can buy a reusable water jug at a dollar tree store near you. This purchase would ensure that you’re getting properly hydrated throughout the trip. While sightseeing you can carry the jug or even simply put it in your backpack.

Staying hydrated will make you avoid all the other stresses that tend to slow you down while visiting the various tourist attraction areas. If this isn’t a habit of yours, make it a must on an upcoming trip.

8 Bad Habit - Converting Money At The Aiport

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Filling up the suitcase, booking the hotel and buying lots of other little things you need for the trip; it is so easy to forget about converting those dollar bills. This might have happened to you in the past. You don’t have time to convert the money so instead you settle on exchanging it at the airport. This is a bad habit you need to change.

The conversion at airports isn’t as good as a local branch near you. Once again it can make all the difference. Why lose more money than you have to? It’s a bad habit we recommend you break prior to the next trip.

7 New Habit - Find The Best Rate Beforehand

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Take a bit of time just before your trip to find the best conversion rate available near you. Chances are exchange places in your area offer a far greater rate than the airport. This can lead to extra dollars and more souvenirs for yourself and fellow loved ones.

You can go online or simply visit the exchange places. Shop around and see which conversion facility is best for you. It is important to make some time so you can properly go about this. Don’t settle for the very last day at the airport. It just isn’t worth it.

6 Bad Habit - Skipping Meals


It’s a classic symptom of a trip. You’re riding on complete adrenaline and before you know it, it’s 7 PM and you only ate one meal all day: breakfast. The excitement of it all won’t make you feel too bad initially. However you’ll feel the effects the very next day, as it’ll hurt the overall experience of a trip. The physical exhaustion can dampen one’s mood and even cause a complete day to be wasted.

You need to make nutrition a priority and that’s especially true given all those calories you’re burning throughout the day just by walking and sightseeing.

5 New Habit – Pack A Lunch


If the vacation spot you selected is filled with various landmark destinations you must make finding a local supermarket one of the first priorities. To ensure that you are eating adequately enough wake up a little earlier and pack a lunch for the day.

No need to stop at a restaurant and waste a valuable hour of the day. Instead you can keep the momentum going while munching on the already made meal that was sitting in your backpack and ready to go. This can be an important new habit to develop and one that can allow you to steer clear from that “hangry” feeling.

4 Bad Habit - Trying To Do Too Much


Trying to do too much is another bad habit most travelers battle with. Flying across the world, you want to make it a priority to see as many things as you can. However the problem with this is the trip turns into more of a burden than something that’s actually fun. You'll arrive at a tourist destination only to be thinking about the next stop on the list.

You won’t be living in the moment and all you are really going to be doing is just stressing yourself out to see as many things as possible. It’s commendable that you want to do as many things as possible but in the grand scheme of things it’ll lead to a lessened and stressful experience.

3 New Habit - Spend More Time In The Places You Like

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An easy way to avoid doing too much is by simply spending more time in the places that you enjoy. If you aren’t into art or fancy churches, then why put the burden on yourself to visit these locations? Vacations are all about fun and doing as you please. Take some time beforehand and make the must-see destinations a priority.

Keep the other destinations aside and only visit them if you have extra time. This will lead to a more relaxed trip and one that won’t have you thinking about 'what’s next' regularly.

2 Bad Habit – Over Planning

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Similar to trying to do too much, over planning can also result in the trip turning into a burden and a battle against the clock. Again seeing as much as possible is a great priority but it can also cause a poor traveling experience.

Over planning can create a bigger stress even before you start the trip. Just imagine having everything already planned and thinking about all those pit stops you need to make. That just causes travelers anxiety and things will only worsen if you’re late and not on schedule - a factor that is bound to happen during a trip.

1 New Habit – Going With The Flow


Over planning is way too stressful. Instead, try to just go with the flow. Similar to the remedy for trying to do too much, spend time in the places that you enjoy the most. Vacations are a feeling-out process. Going with the flow gives you a better idea of what you like doing and what to avoid.

If you still want to plan we advise that at the very least, you do not commit to a timing type of schedule. Instead make the places you want to see a priority without a specific amount of time attached to it. You’ll feel at ease making such a simple adjustment.

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