Spending a week or two in an International country would probably make anyone crave food, especially freshly made bread in bakery shops. No one can deny that the smell of freshly baked pastries and even coffee aromas are the best when going inside a bakery shop.

Besides being the capital of classical music, Austria is also the capital of cake. Many bakeries offer different types of pastries that will surely be loved by pastry enthusiasts. In fact, countless baked items, ranging from apple strudel to Sachertorte, can be found in Austria, renowned for the sheer number of bakeries in the country. So, here are some of the best Austrian bakeries worth visiting for anyone who loves pastries.

9 L. Heiner K.u.K. Hofzuckerbacker

L. Heiner K.u.K. Hofzuckerbacker bakery shop is ranked 1 in TripAdvisor with over 860 reviews and a 4.5 rating. This Austrian bakery shop offers different pastries for breakfast and brunch and vegetarian-friendly meals. Perfect for vegetarian tourists that will visit Austria. This shop is located in Kaerntner Strasse 21-23 1010 Vienna, Vienna 1010 Austria and is just 0.3km from the Historic Center of Vienna. So after eating here in this bakery shop, tourists and even locals can now tour themselves in nearby tourist attractions such as the Historic Center of Vienna.

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8 PARÉMI Boulangerie - Patisserie

PARÉMI Boulangerie - Patisserie is ranked two among the 72 bakeries listed on TripAdvisor with over 127 reviews and a 4.5 rating. This bakery shop offers different cuisines such as French and European pastries. Just like the L. Heiner K.u.K. Hofzuckerbacker bakery shop also provides vegetarian-friendly meals for everyone. This shop is located in Bäckerstraße 10, Vienna 1010 Austria, and is just 0.3km from St. Stephen's Cathedral.

7 Joseph Brot

This bakery is dedicated to tradition, so it is a haven for guests that adhere to conventional practices. Guests can choose from various delectable bread loaves and pastries, all of which are lovingly created by hand and with care. Other than delicious sourdough and rye bread, the bakery's pastry collection is almost too beautiful to consume, ranging from the delicately-crafted éclairs to the pastel-hued layer cakes. This shop is located in Fuehrichgasse 6 Albertinaplatz, Vienna 1010 Austria and is just 0.1km from Albertina Museum in Vienna, Austria.

6 Pnyka Griechische Bäckerei

There is a vast range of Mediterranean goodies in this Greek bakery in the center of the city, including spinach or meat-filled pastries, cheesy crumbly biscuits, savory crackers, and honey-filled sweets and pastries. Combine your baked product of choice with a cup of strong, fragrant coffee – it's the perfect complement to any baked good. This shop is located in Landskrongasse 1/3, 1010 Wien, Austria and is just 0.3km from the Historic Center of Vienna.

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5 Hazar Konditorei & Bäckerei

Several superb bakeries have opened in Vienna as a result of the city's significant and active Turkish minority, offering baklava topped with pistachio nuts and generously sized circles of soft bread. Hazar Konditorei & Bäckerei is a perfect place to visit if tourists are looking for fresh Turkish desserts. This shop is located in Wallensteinstraße 51, 1200 Wien, Austria, just 0.4km from the Brigittaplatz or the Brigittapark.

4 Simply Raw Bakery

Around the world, veganism is growing more and more popular, and Simply Raw Bakery is doing its part to stay up with the trend. Considering that its products are devoid of ingredients such as eggs, milk, and butter, it boasts an impressively large assortment of cakes. Its decor is kitsch and adorable, and it has the sensation of a combination of old and new elements. This shop is located in Drahtgasse 2, 1010 Wien, Austria, just 0.2km from Artis International.

3 Cafe Demel

The delectable delights at Cafe Demel offer a variety of traditional and dreamy delicacies at this exquisite and tastefully furnished shop, including the Austrian specialty Kaiserschmarrn, which is served with a plum stew and an assortment of freshly baked sandwiches and pastries, all of which are made to order. The Sachertorte, a delicious chocolate cake, comes highly recommended in this bakery shop. This shop is located in Kohlmarkt 14, 1010 Wien, Austria, just 0.45km from the Hofburg baroque palace.

2 Gragger & Cie wood stove baker

Helmut Gragger, an Austrian baker, puts his heart and soul into every batch of bread he makes in this shop. In fact, in his shop, clients can watch him knead and fling flour while browsing through the bakery's selection of bread. The interior design of the bakery is impressive as it has a cozy and comfortable ambiance and an inviting aroma to try any of their pastries. This shop is located in Spiegelgasse 23 1020 Wien - Vorgartenmarkt 14-15; 1070 Wien - Siebensterngasse 25, Vienna 1010 Austria, just walking distance from Dorotheum, one of the world’s oldest auction houses.

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1 Rieppel

The Rieppel bakery is a hidden gem in Berlin as it's gained a reputation as one of the best bakeries in the area. This shop has a more traditional look than other post-bobo Rudolfsheim eateries surrounding the Meiselmarkt, but their bread is exceptional. In addition to the superb, pleasant customer service provided by the shop staff, the overall ambiance in this local bakery shop is traditional and old-looking. This shop is located in Cafe Konditorei Rieppel, Märzstraße, Vienna, Austria.

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