There are plenty of different forms of entertainment to be found across the globe, but as you can probably tell by the title, we have one favourite above all the others: water parks. It may sound a little bit immature but if you think about it, that kind of 'fun for all the family' vibe is exactly what most people need - regardless of whether or not you're on holiday or you just happen to live in a hot country.

Of course, not all water parks hit a home run in terms of the enjoyment factor, and that's why we're here today to run you through some of the best and the worst of the genre that we've experienced. Some of the reasons behind our selections may not make a whole lot of sense to some viewers, but for the most part, we think it's a comprehensive enough list.

It doesn't matter where you are in the world when it comes to water parks, because as you're about to see, they come in all different shapes and sizes. It doesn't necessarily need to be the hottest day outside for you to enjoy the experience, and it could even be raining, which is one of the primary reasons as to why they're so fun and accessible.

For the most part theme parks tend to be more popular which is somewhat understandable, probably because you have a better range of rides to choose from. Still, there's nothing that beats the thrill of a water ride, probably because there are no seatbelts involved and it's all a little bit crazier (depending on what you're into).

20 WORTH IT: Tropical Islands - Berlin, Germany

Around 40 miles outside of Berlin lies one of the most innovative and daring projects the world of water parks has ever seen - Tropical Islands. Located in an old aircraft hangar, Tropical Islands is an indoor water park that can be used throughout the year regardless of the weather.

It could be the middle of the winter and it would still be a great place for you to spend the day, with the outdoor heated pool making for a great 'hot and cold' type of contrast. You really do need to see it in order to believe it, especially given how unique it is.

19 LET DOWN: Water World - Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia

When a place is so bad that you need to double check to see whether or not the images are actually accurate, you know you've got a problem. Water World in Kota Kinabalu is arguably one of the most baffling excuses for a water park we've ever seen, and that's saying something.

Right now the common belief is that it's permanently closed and there are no plans for it to re-open, but you wouldn't necessarily know that based on the horrendous communication system online. The living, breathing safety hazard that is this park seems to pop up every now and again, but you're better off avoiding it altogether.

18 WORTH IT: Siam Park - Tenerife, Spain

When you're billed as one of the best water attractions in all of Europe it can sometimes be difficult to live up to that kind of hype, but for Siam Park, it isn't all that difficult. Most people know the name due to its Siamese theme, but trust us when we say it offers so much more than that.

The park is one of the shining examples as to why Tenerife is such a popular holiday destination, from the fantastic scenery to the attention to detail. Siam Park offers thrills for all ages and while that may sound like a cheap plug, it's just that infectious.

17 LET DOWN: Oakwood - Narberth, Wales

The unfortunate incident at Oakwood that led to the passing of a 16-year-old girl many years ago has soured many, many people's opinions of the park, and the Hydro ride specifically. Alas, some will point out that Oakwood isn't a water-specific park, but the emphasis on this ride makes it feel that way.

When you've got so many other great places around the United Kingdom for these kinds of thrills, it really does leave you wondering how and why Oakwood still gets so much business. It just feels like a bit of an overhyped ride, and in summary, an overhyped park.

16 WORTH IT: Aqualand Maspalomas - Gran Canaria, Spain

Gran Canaria is one of the 'forgotten' Canary Island destinations, mainly because there are just so many alternatives. Still, that doesn't mean it isn't still an incredible place to visit, with Aqualand Maspalomas being one of the biggest and best attractions on the entire island.

The rides are all really smooth, there's a lot of fun theming around the park, and while this may sound a bit random - the food is pretty great too. Even though it's located a main road of sorts it still feels like an escape from reality, which is what all of these places should be hoping to achieve.

15 LET DOWN: Myrtle Waves - Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, USA

Myrtle Waves is one of the more expensive water parks on this list, and by default, it should probably be one of the best as a result. Unfortunately, that doesn't seem to be the case, and while it may sound a little bit snobby, we would've expected something a little more from the experience given the circumstances.

Every ride feels a little bit 'paint by numbers' and on top of that, the location doesn't really feel all that special. That may be a personal thing on our part, but for all of you Brits out there, picture what it'd look like if Blackpool had a water park on this scale in addition to Pleasure Beach.

14 WORTH IT: WaterPark - Faliraki, Greece

Faliraki is one of those places that's already pretty incredible and serves as a fun place to go on vacation, so anything on top of that is a bonus. There's nothing particularly fancy or over the top about this water park, but to put it bluntly, it gets the job done.

It serves as a really nice day out on the island, which is something that is desperately needed for families and groups of people who go on holiday in order to be a bit more active than they are in their everyday lives. It may sound silly, but these kinds of activities can be the highlight of the holiday for a lot of travellers.

13 LET DOWN: WaterWorld - Ayia Napa, Cyprus

We all know why people travel to Ayia Napa in Cyprus, and you don't need us to lecture you on that. Still, a lot of people often don't realise that there's a really big water park in the area, until they notice all of the advertisements around the town, of course.

It's very clean and it's very efficient but when you consider the scale of it and how much they hype it up, there just isn't enough of a 'wow' factor for it to be considered worth going to. There's a lot of fun to be had, sure, but you seem to get less value in comparison to some of the alternatives on this list.

12 WORTH IT: World Waterpark - Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

If you don't know the backstory to this water park, then here it is: it's inside of a mall in Canada, and we aren't even kidding. We've always been taught to believe that the Great White North loves malls courtesy of How I Met Your Mother, but wow, this is taking things to a whole new level.

The whole structure looks really cool and has been put together brilliantly, and it really does look like a worthwhile attraction. Obviously, Canada gets pretty cold throughout the year, so this is a really good escape for the people of Edmonton and beyond to enjoy.

11 LET DOWN: Druskininkai Aquapark - Druskininkai, Lithuania

If you're the biggest water park in the country, then you'd best ensure that you're worth remembering: and that just isn't the case with the Druskininkai Aquapark. The idea behind it is cool and it's pretty cheap in comparison to some of the alternatives, but there just isn't enough to do.

Maybe that's just down to us and our own personal taste, but it doesn't seem like somewhere that is going to blow your socks off at first glance. The thrill is a big part of the appeal for these parks, and this just doesn't do it for us to be honest.

10 WORTH IT: Aquaventure Waterpark - Dubai, United Arab Emirates

As is the case with plenty of these examples, there's often a lot of other activities and things do throughout the town, city or country in question. That's particularly true of Dubai, but the image above should tell you all you need to know about why you should check this park out.

Aside from the (very) awesome shark tank ride, it's arguably one of the most aesthetically pleasing water parks on the planet. It pretty much destroys the forgotten myth that Dubai isn't fun and is all about the shopping, which is the best thing possible for the UAE's reputation.

9 LET DOWN: Universal’s Volcano Bay - Orlando, Florida, USA

Universal continues to expand its horizons in Orlando, with the city playing host to several fantastic parks. Islands of Adventures is great, Studios is good fun, and to some people, Volcano Bay completes the three-headed beast perfectly.

Alas, there's still a long way to go before they get this place right, which is hardly surprising given that it's only really been open for a year thus far. It's pretty expensive and the queues are ridiculous, which should warrant some fantastic rides, but that often doesn't wind up being the case. The potential is there, but there are definitely better alternatives to be found nearby.

8 WORTH IT: Water World - Lloret de Mar, Spain

Much like Ayia Napa, Lloret de Mar is primarily known for being a party town - and there's nothing wrong with that. Given that it's close to Barcelona it sort of serves as the city's unofficial little brother, and the water park certainly follows that trend.

It's hidden away from the rest of the world in the corner of Lloret, and it's a fantastic place to spend the way with your pals or family. It may not be the most 'up to date' park and a few rides could certainly use some work, but given how cheap things are there for what you're getting, we'd say it's a pretty good day out.

7 LET DOWN: Six Flags Hurricane Harbor - Concord, California, USA

This park, and Concord as a location fall into a very specific category: forgettable. There's nothing too over the top and there's nothing too painfully bad (aside from previous tragedies) about it, but there's just nothing that even remotely stands out to us as making this place worth visiting.

There are just so many great things to do when you're in Cali, and if you want the water park type of experience, there are dozens upon dozens of other states and cities to find that in. It's not the worst on this list by any stretch of the imagination, but it won't be making our recommended list any time soon.

6 WORTH IT: Aquatica - Orlando, Florida, USA

We mentioned that there are better alternatives in Orlando when it comes to water parks, and this is one of them. Aquatica is simple, it's to the point, and it has a variety of different water rides which is one of the biggest things to consider when looking for a good park.

There needs to be some kind of separation between the great rides, the good ones and the ones that you just want to chill on for a few minutes. Oh, and did we mention that there's a $10 all you can eat option at one of the restaurants?

The last fact alone should be enough to convince you to visit, to be honest.

5 LET DOWN: Schlitterbahn - Kansas City, Kansas, USA

Aside from the fact that this just isn't a very imaginative nor enjoyable water park, the Verruckt tragedy that occurred a few years ago seals this park's position as one of the very worst on this list - and in the world.

The lack of care that was taken in exchange for trying to create a historic ride makes this a disgusting entry to even be talking about, and to be honest, we aren't all too interested in giving it any more attention than it needs as a park.

America is a great country full of fun attractions, but if you ever go to visit, please make sure that this isn't one of the stops on your list.

4 WORTH IT: Beach Park - Fortaleza, Brazil

Brazil is a country that is rich in history, culture and entertainment, so it's no wonder that they've got an entry on this list. Beach Park is one of those places that'll keep you occupied from the minute you arrive until the minute you leave, and that's exactly what you want in a park like this.

With a wonderful view of the ocean and some truly adrenaline-pumping rides to go alongside the family-friendly activities, Beach Park seems to have found the perfect balance. It may be a long way to travel for some people, but it's certainly worth it in our opinion.

3 LET DOWN: Lubbock Water Rampage - Lubbock, Texas, USA

They say that everything is bigger and better in Texas, but sometimes, that just doesn't wind up being the case. Lubbock Water Rampage is a shining example of a park that just isn't given the necessary care or dedication it deserves, and that makes for a very lazy end product.

There just isn't all too much to do there which is one of the biggest crimes a water park can commit, and while the locals may love it, everyone outside of that bubble probably wouldn't have such fond memories. There's room for growth, but only because there's just so little there.

2 WORTH IT: Water Cube - Beijing, China

The Beijing National Aquatics Center played a big role in the 2008 Summer Olympics, with the building serving as the home for diving and swimming at the games. Now, all these years later, it plays host to one of the coolest indoor water parks on the planet.

The visual alone is enough to make us want to book our plane ticket over there, but once you get inside, you'll soon discover that there are dozens of great things to do and enjoy. After all, it's one of Beijing's most visited tourist attractions for a reason, and it certainly gives Tropical Islands a run for its money.

1 LET DOWN: Action Park - Vernon, New Jersey, USA

What is there to say about Action Park, now known as Mountaincreek Park, that hasn't already been said? This place was known for being the definition of a health hazard, for dozens of injuries occurring, and for at least six people losing their lives as a result of failed safety procedures.

This was always going to be a bad idea for a project from the minute it was first thought up, and while they did try and be 'revolutionary' in a sense, there are certain ways to go about doing that.

Do us a favour - go and watch Defunctland's video to learn more about this horror show.