Airlines are constantly competing to try to provide the best experience for travelers looking to fly to their destination. Most people will attempt to compare the prices and overall experiences between the options offered to them. The lowest price for a ticket is always an incentive to save money when deciding on the best option. However, there are quite a few variables that can skew things. Many airlines appear cheaper than they truly are by hitting you with a bunch of fees for minor things like carry-on luggage or basic necessities needed when flying. There are also the airlines that keep things honest and provide the best overall value.

We will look at both sides when it comes to picking the right airline for you. The negative side will showcase the airlines that hit you with the hidden fees that make things way more expensive than you assumed when booking the flight. Luckily, there are the airlines that provide the best overall value with great prices as well. Other options come into play and everyone has different reasons for choosing airlines. This list will just look at the best and worst values when it comes to fees. These are the ten airlines with the most bang for your buck along with ten that charge the most fees per flight.

20 Best value: Delta Airlines

Delta Airlines is one of the largest airlines in the United States. Many people use Delta to fly domestically or globally, with solid prices offered. The search option when comparing flight prices will often see Delta provide among the cheaper tickets available depending on the location and time.

A lack of fees is among the perks that come from flying with Delta. The first carry-on item on a plane is completely free if it fits in the overheard bins. One checked bag is $25 with the second being $35. Most people don’t fly with that many bags, but if needed, it’s among the better prices when it comes to those fees.

19 Most fees: Wizz Air

Wizz Air is a relatively cheap airline when it comes to the flights itself. The Hungarian airline is considered a low-cost one due to having great values for the tickets to Europe, North America or the Middle East. Unfortunately, the prices get higher when it comes to the fees that get slapped on after the ticket sale.

Between the fees that come from carry-on luggage, checked bags, snacks and other little things, an average $31 is spent per passenger in fees. This average is factoring the people that don’t pay fees. It is among the highest fee averages in the world when it comes to all international airlines.

18 Best value: KLM Royal Dutch Airlines

The flag carrier airline of the Netherlands is one of the best values in the airline industry. KLM Royal Dutch Airlines offers solid flight prices with tremendous savings with a lack of fees. It is free to have carry on bag and one checked bag. The price goes up to $75 if you want to bring more luggage, but the average person will get by without having to spend any extra money.

The entertainment on the flight is complimentary with movies and television shows offered at no cost. It is a few extra bucks for meals or to bring any service animals with you. Most people can deal without those things given the lack of fees with bags.

17 Most fees: HK Express

Hong Kong Express Airways is also known for the name of HK Express. It is a low-cost airline based in Hong Kong going to many places all over the world. This is another case of an airline charging low prices for the flight tickets while making their money back with the fees.

Once at the airport, some of the charges from carry-on to checked bags to food to entertainment will pile up. The average fee charge per person flying with HK Express estimates to $33. This is once again the average of every flyer meaning most people paying the fees pay more than that.

16 Best value: Jet Blue

Jet Blue is one of the United States based airlines with a great reputation for keeping customers happy. Most passengers just traveling with a carry on would consider Jet Blue their ideal airline. It is completely free to take a carry-on bag with you on any Jet Blue flight.

There is a $25 fee for the first bag checked and $35 for a second bag. This is not ideal, but the cost is still cheaper than many other competitors out there as shown on the other side of this list. Extras like movies, pillows and blankets are also affordable at $5 or under. Pets flying with passengers are an extra $100 which is a pretty good value as well.

15 Most fees: AirAsia X

AirAsia X is another airline that charges more money on fees than is desired. It is based in Malaysia with flights going all over the area. The airline is a sister company of AirAsia but does not seem to have as high of a reputation as one would expect.

An average of $33 per flight in fees will scare away many people wanting to travel with AirAsia X. The price adds up once the fees come into play. Any hope of saving money with the flight ticket is lost once paying the inflated baggage fees. Most customers feel disappointed when finding out the catch.

14 Best value: Emirates

Emirates is currently one of the top airlines based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. It is quite expensive but worth it for those that can afford such a flight. The flights are considered to be among the most relaxing and enjoyable for any airline. One reason for this is that the flight ticket cost gets you just about everything needed on the flight.

It is completely free for a carry-on bag as well as your first two checked bags. Most passengers can bring extra luggage as well without any charge. The expensive flight is where all the spending takes place, but it has the reputation for having the best bang for your buck on luxury flights.

13 Most fees: United

United is one of the most disappointing airlines located in the United States when it comes to the fees adding to the overall spending price of a flight. Many people choose to fly with United due to the best flight price on sites comparing it with other airlines.

The average fee per passenger on United is (gasp) $40. It leads to anger when having to spend that much after shelling out money for the ticket. This is one reason why it is very important to read all the information about baggage and other fees before confirming a flight. Many other flights are a better value when looking at everything else.

12 Best value: Air Canada

The flag carrier airline and the largest airline in Canada is appropriately named Air Canada. It is a great value for most people flying domestically or internationally in Canada. The lack of fees makes it a popular choice for those trying to find the best flying experience possible.

Air Canada offers one free carry-on bag which most people desire when flying. The first checked bag is $25, and the second bag is $35. It is considered a fair value better than most of the other competing airlines in Canada. Food is even a cheaper fee than most airlines with options ranging from $3 to $10 depending on your choice in the meal.

11 Most fees: Qantas

The flag carrier airline of Australia is next when it comes to the airlines that charge a lot of money in fees. Qantas is the airline that many people in Australia must use to get to different destinations all over the world. It is not one that is viewed extremely positively, judging by the reactions to fees.

The estimated cost is $43 per passenger in fees when flying with Qantas. Anyone with luggage will have to pay extra to get it on board with them. Other things like food and entertainment are also more expensive than the average airline. Qantas certainly is a bit costly in fees.

10 Best value: Hawaiian Airlines

A trip to Hawaii is already a huge investment when it comes to budgeting your time there. It is typically expensive to find a hotel and fun activities to do in one of the most beautiful places in the world. Luckily, Hawaiian Airlines offers a fair value when using the airline to get to and from Hawaii.

The fees are not nearly as bad as most expect when visiting Hawaii. It is free for a carry-on bag and cheaper than predicted for the checked bags. $25 for a first checked bag and $35 for a second allows you make the right decision for your luggage needs.

9 Most fees: Jet2

Jet2 is one of the low-cost British airlines out there for flight tickets. Many people looking to save money will get convinced into flying with Jet2. Unfortunately, the fees to come with flying with this airline will lead to more money coming at the end of the flight.

Baggage fees are especially terrible with Jet2 - $43 per passenger is the average money spent. It is a high fee total that will scare many passengers away from flying with them again. Unless it is the cheapest flight factoring in the fees, Jet2 is often best passing for another airline with fewer fees.

8 Best value: AA

Am. Airlines is among the top airlines based in the United States. Anyone looking for an ideal flight domestically will likely vouch for AA as a better option than most. The prices for flights are typically the cheapest when factoring both ticket and fees in the United States.

Carry-on bags are free with AA as they try to compete with other top airlines offering this. The price for a first checked bag is $25 with $35 for a second bag. Other options offered are also cheaper than most other airlines with affordable all-day WiFi passes and seat upgrades for more legroom.

7 Most fees: Frontier Airlines

Frontier Airlines is one of the most unique airlines in the United States. It is a low-cost airline meant to win over travelers with the lowest price offered for many flight destinations. Like with most other airlines on this side of the list, the fees are a pain that ruins the savings.

The average cost of fees for Frontier Airlines is $48 per person. A large price of $45 per carry-on or checked bag makes it impossible to escape the fees unless you’re somehow traveling without any luggage. The fees ruin the experience for most people giving a chance to Frontier Airlines.

6 Best value: Air France

Air France is the flag carrier airline of France with many flights domestically and internationally. It has a high review rate for a flag carrier airline due to the great service they provide. People love that there are very few hidden fees when flying with such a large airline.

The carry on and first checked bag are each free when flying with Air France. A second checked bag is also free for most passengers flying in economy. Meals are also part of the package as most flights will see passengers each get their choice between a few options. Air France is a great value for those that can fly with it.

5 Most fees: Allegiant Air

Another United States-based airline that go with the low-cost yet high fee combination is Allegiant Air. Many people try to save money by booking a flight with Allegiant Air when seeing the lowest price available of flights offered, not even thinking twice about the fees.

Sadly, the fees once again ruin a low-cost airline by charging way too much for the bags. Any carry-on bag or checked bag is $50 per person. An average of $49 per person is spent per flight. This is one airline only worth flying with if you don’t plan to take anything with you.

4 Best value: Southwest Airlines

Southwest Airlines is the best United States-based airline when it comes to saving money on the fees. You get almost everything needed with the initial price paid for the ticket. Southwest has the best baggage fees or lack of fees with a carry-on along with two checked bags for free.

Many Southwest flights will also include a free meal or snack along with complimentary drinks. Other amenities like WiFi or early bird check-in also come at a lower cost than the competing airlines. Southwest often provides a great bang for your buck when flying in the United States.

3 Most fees: WOW Air

WOW Air is an airline designed to be a low-cost option that attacks you with the fees. This airline is based in Iceland with trips going to various places in Europe and North America. Flight prices are often cheap at first glance before looking at the fine print for the fees that are charged later on.

The average passenger on WOW Air spends $49 on fees for each flight. High costs for carry-on and checked bags add a lot of money to the flight costs. The food is also a bit pricier than most airlines if someone is hungry enough to pay that fee.

2 Best value: Air China

Air China is the flag carrier airline of China and provides arguably the best value when it comes to flights. The tickets are generally affordable and offer more options domestically and internationally for China. A lack of fees makes it even more pleasant of an experience when flying with the airline.

Carry-on bags are free when flying with Air China. Two checked bags are also allowed on board without a cost at all. Other solid offers like $40 for an unaccompanied minor and cheaper options when multiple unaccompanied minors are flying provide another great value. Air China is one of the best ‘bang for your buck’ airlines in the world.

1 Most fees: Spirit Airlines

Spirit Airlines has a terrible reputation when it comes to reviews and passengers sharing their experiences flying with them. The United States-based airline was created to provide the cheapest flights within the USA as well as the Caribbean, Mexico, South America and Latin America.

Anyone in the United States usually sees Spirit listed the cheapest option for almost any domestic trip. The fees destroy the money saved with the flight. It costs $50 to check a bag or $55 for a carry-on. It is also considered to be the weakest in term of service offered. The average passenger spends a whopping $51 per flight in fees.

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