Hotels are great and there is certainly no knock on the great service and experience they provide. But sometimes booking a stay at someone’s private residence through a site like Airbnb is the extra touch that takes a vacation up a notch. Depending on the type of getaway, booking through the site might add a level of detail that can take the entire trip from great to incredible. The pros to a hotel are limitless, but renting a home has its perks too, many of which come down to the personalized details you get. And at the risk of stating the obvious, it can simply feel more like home when renting through Airbnb. You’re quite literally renting a home. Whether it’s in the form of a loft, apartment, house or townhouse, at the end of the day, it’s still a home. And that can make all the difference.

No matter the city in the United States, Airbnb offers a stay that should be able to fit the needs and budget of any traveler. Because it allows regular folks like you and me to offer our home up for rent, it means you’ll find just about everything up for grabs. From extravagant penthouse lofts topping out at thousands of dollars per night to some pretty questionable and risky apartments that are practically free, it’s all simply a matter of what the vacationer is willing to spend and whether or not comfort is a big factor.

With that said, here are ten of the most incredible Airbnb homes across America and ten that don’t seem to be a good value.

20 Incredible Stay: New York City West Village Brownstone

If living the quintessential New York City lifestyle has always been a dream, if only for a weekend, then this brownstone townhouse is a fantasy. From the outside, it already fits the bill, matching the brownstone look that so many have come to associate with the Big Apple. This townhome is located in the West Village, which only adds to the glamour as it is right in the heart of big money Manhattan, blocks from high profile celebrities.

At 3,800 square feet, this isn’t just big for NYC, it’s big for any home! It is a 4 story, 5 bedroom, 2.5 bath home that screams luxury while also giving off the perfect quaint, homey vibe in a city that can be so lively and chaotic. At nearly $3,000 a night, this stay will take some serious splurging, but the amenities which include a private garden terrace, soaking tubs and a gym make the price more than worth it.

19 Keep Looking: New York City Hell’s Kitchen… Couch

For a mere $50 dollars a night, this deal should be worth it simply based on the price. Staying in the heart of Manhattan, especially the very trendy and in demand Hell’s Kitchen part of the city, for such a low price is a steal. But the reality is that price gets you an overnight stay on the apartment owner’s couch in the living room, which is, of course, a shared space.

Although it could definitely make for some really interesting conversation and a good opportunity to make a new friend, it’s probably best to pass on what will more than likely turn out to be an uncomfortably awkward situation.

18 Incredible: A Virtuous Stay in Sin City

Promoted as a villa only minutes away from the famous Las Vegas Strip, this gigantic 5 bedroom, 6 bath house is luxury and decadence redefined. The villa is an oasis in the middle of Las Vegas, giving vacationers peace and tranquility unlike anywhere else. The home, spacious enough to comfortably house up to twelve guests, also comes with multiple pools and a Buddha Garden for a zen-like experience.

After a night of fun on the Strip, this retreat-like home is perfect for anyone, even if it is about $2,500 a night!

17 Keep Looking: Not So Luxurious Vegas

Less than ten minutes away from the world-famous Strip where all the action takes place, is a booking on Airbnb that might raise some eyebrows. At a bargain price of only $18 dollars a night, this residence offers guests a cot in the living room, which is a shared room. The price is a steal, but the value might not be.

Although nearly complete privacy is guaranteed on the description, it’s still a cot in an apartment living room. If savings are the biggest concern, a night at the local motel might be a better bargain.

16 Incredible: Architecture Heaven in the Hollywood Hills

Located in the Hollywood Hills of Los Angeles, this house is like something out of a dream. Constructed by a unique, one of a kind design to the owner’s liking, this modern house is a peaceful getaway overlooking Laurel Canyon with the city only minutes away.

The inside of the home is a zen-like oasis with 3 bedrooms and 2.5 baths, but it’s the architectural ingenuity that makes this stay all the more worth it. Pictures cannot quite do it justice, but the box-like design sitting high in the air is a steal at only $750 a night!

15 Keep Looking: Camping Under the Not So Bright Stars of L.A.

Camping is a great way to have a fun time while traveling. Typically this means staying in a remote location surrounded by the peaceful serenity of the wilderness. If you’re up for sleeping in a tent in someone’s backyard in the middle of Los Angeles, this is your perfect stay.

Although the idea is unique and probably pretty fun for some, others might be put off by quite literally sleeping in one of many tents, neighboring next to fellow “campers”, using the home’s bathroom as a shared space. At only $27 a night, this experience might be interesting enough to take a shot at, but the added cleaning and service fees drive the price up a bit more, making the value dwindle a bit.

14 Incredible: Stylish South Beach Condo

Like something out of an episode of Miami Vice or the movie Scarface, this condo, situated on the top floor of a five-star hotel on the hectic Collins Avenue, is everything you’d want out of Miami.

At over 1,800 square feet, this 3 bedroom and 3 bath condo is priced at nearly $1,100 a night. Although that is a hefty price tag, the décor of this home screams Miami in every way. The nightlife and ambiance of the city match the luxury and Art Deco style of the building and condo in perfect harmony. Anyone who’s looking to paint the town red can do so in style with this booking.

13 Keep Looking: Miami Bunking For Cheap

If living it up in high fashion extravagant style on the beaches of Miami isn’t your cup of tea, this booking might be more in line with expectations. For only $11 a night, travelers get a children’s bunk bed. Definitely not the Miami seen in pop culture, but it’s a bargain for those looking to save on the rather extreme side.

For those looking to actually have a good time in a city that is all about fun, this might be one that doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. It's probably best to keep looking for something with a slightly higher price range, but with an actual bed suitable for someone over the age of eight.

12 Incredible: San Francisco High Rise Living

This stunning 1 bedroom, 1 bath apartment might not be a penthouse, but it’s well worth the $300 nightly price tag. With the most expensive properties in the entire United States coming from the Bay Area, this is pretty much a bargain steal.

The modern apartment is situated toward the top of a high rise that overlooks the San Francisco Bay with expansive views of the water and downtown buildings. It also comes with great amenities like a new gym and a pool for public use. Incredible value for some prime real estate!

11 Keep Looking: Shared Living in the Bay

Located about half an hour outside of downtown San Francisco, this booking is already losing points for its location. But if the area suits your needs, the set up might be a bit of a surprise as this home offers guests a bed in a room full of bunk beds. The shared room is for solo travelers who are willing to bunk together in bunk beds.

This hostel type environment works, but it can be pretty off-putting for many. Unless this doesn’t immediately call to your attention as fun, it might be best to just book a motel for the same low price.

10 Incredible: New Age Boston Luxury

In a city known for all of its historic landmarks and antiquated feel, this high rise apartment is all things modern and chic. Based on everything this home comes with, the $350 nightly price tag is a pretty good deal.

The 2 bedroom, 2 bath luxury apartment stands out because of the beautiful design and stylish furniture that makes guests feel like they have stepped into modern wealth. Located in the heart of the city in downtown, the convenience is also a huge plus!

9 Keep Looking: Shared Living Space in Boston Suburbs

Located a decent distance away from the center of the city, it’s hard to imagine why many folks would book this home unless this specific area of the city is what you are looking for. Marketed as a shared room, but with very little direction, it’s hard to determine what comes with the booking outside of a bunk bed. Unfortunately, the reviews agree as many prior guests left remarks about the unclear directions and accuracy of the posting as well as complaints about the cleanliness of the home. Splurge a bit and go for the pricier, safer room!

8 Incredible: Keeping Austin… Great

The motto is “Keep Austin Weird”, but this condo is anything but. Located in the heart of downtown, this home is a two story, 1,400 square foot condo that will make any trip to Austin next level fun.

With 3 bedrooms and 2.5 baths, this fully renovated home is located where all the action is at in a city that has become known as one of the best to party in, not just in Texas, but in all of America. With a great ambiance that says sophistication, but relaxed enough to keep the laid-back Austin vibe intact, this is one that cannot be missed.

7 Keep Looking: A Little Too Texas

Texas, aside from its many major cities is also well known for its extensive wooded areas and it seems the folks who own this land are ready to take advantage of all the nature surrounding them.

For $14 a night per person, guests can rent a space in the woods to camp out in. Unfortunately, no amenities are included as things like your own tent and gear are required on your part. Seems like a cool way to get to know Texas, but why not just go to an actual campground that is maintained and will have fellow campers around you?

6 Incredible: Breathtaking Chicago View

At right over $350 a night, this near perfect 2 bedroom, 2 bath apartment atop this downtown Chicago high rise building is simply spectacular. The views from the apartment are unmatched, as it offers sweeping panoramas of the city. The apartment’s many windows which wrap around the entire home allow for scenic and breathtaking views of the lake as well as downtown Chicago, including the giant Willis Tower. At this price, there simply isn’t any better value in the city.

5 Keep Looking: Shared Downtown Space

The biggest value found with this $25 booking on Airbnb is the location which offers close proximity to downtown Chicago. All of the city’s most famous and visited landmarks are close, but unfortunately that’s where most of the value ends for this booking.

The bed, which leaves a lot to be desired, is a mattress with children’s bedding which can be forgiven, but it’s also a shared room. This means you might have another roommate on a nearby mattress which makes things just outright odd and uncomfortable. There are several other homes for the same price that offer a bit more privacy in the same area.

4 Incredible: Down to Earth Seattle Home

The city of Seattle often conjures up images of mountains, peaceful streets, and laid back people living in a big city with a small town feel. It really is a great city with a fantastic vibe and this home is basically all Seattle.

In this spacious 4,000 square foot home, there are 6 bedrooms with a total of 15 beds, which can comfortably accommodate more than 16 guests! The size of this house isn’t the only value though. The look and aura of each room make anyone feel like they’re right in their own home as the inviting ambiance is comforting and relaxing.

The picture doesn’t do it justice. The home has even been used for weddings as well!

3 Keep Looking: Pricing Hike in Seattle

Although the listing for this space doesn’t exactly raise any eyebrows at first glance, a second review of the value just might. The home is very nice and the accommodations seem up to par. It’s a shared room with two beds with the guests taking the bed on the right. So although the shared experience is not for everyone, some definitely look forward to meeting someone new on their travels.

But the reality is that for the price of $50 a night plus the cleaning and service fees which total nearly $35, this shared space with one bed ends up running someone nearly $90. For this price, it might just be a better idea to book a hotel.

2 Incredible: Capital Luxury

This spacious duplex is a steal at only $300 a night because of the value it brings in a city known for its high real estate prices. Located within walking distance of all of Washington DC’s famous landmarks such as the Mall, the Capitol Building and the Lincoln Memorial, the central location and picturesque neighborhood streets are perfect for anyone looking to take in the nation’s capital.

The duplex is spacious and comfortably houses four guests while giving them a modern feel in a historic location.

1 Keep Looking: DC Air Mattress

In a city that has some of the most expensive housing in the country, looking to cut costs while visiting is smart and responsible! But sometimes there should be a limit and it’s also wise to weigh the value of a cheap deal. This home offers guests an air mattress and a blanket in a private room.

Although there’s nothing wrong with being on a budget, at $30 a night plus $15 of additional fees, there are simply better options in DC at this price. There are cozier and nicer private rooms for the same price or slightly more, which probably makes more sense.