Greenland is the largest island in the world. Although Greenland is located where the environmental conditions are extreme due to cold and snow, it is an interesting area many people do not know enough about.

The nature and location of Greenland make it a fascinating and adventurous place to visit. One will get a chance to explore the nation's history, landscapes, activities, culture, and much more. The following are adventurous destinations for someone planning to visit the arctic territory of Greenland.

10 Sisimiut

Sisimiut is a region found on the west coast of Greenland and one of the best places to explore. Sisimiut offers an excellent environment for dog sledding and boat tours. It is a town whose location provides visitors with a chance to participate in several activities, including hiking and visiting the villages around. The town also has a museum and a good environment for fishing for those interested.

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9 Ilulissat Ice-fjord

This is the most visited place in the whole of Greenland. Ilulissat Ice-fjord is a UNESCO World Heritage site. It is a region found in Disko Bay with magnificent glaciers that have various expressions creating an exciting feature. The location is perfect for someone who wants to witness a natural ice spectacle at its best. Sermeq Kujalleq is a famous glacier that stretches 5 kilometers wide and 1 kilometer thick. Visiting the place is a chance to experience majestic ice features. There is also a museum called Emanuel A. Petersen Art Museum.

8 Disko Bay

A visit to Disko Bay offers a unique adventurous experience in Greenland. It is on the west coast and is a historical bay. The bay provides a great significance to the history of Greenland as Norse explorers used it during 985 AD, with Inuits later inhabiting it in 2400 BC. However, it currently offers nutritious waters, making it conducive to various marine lives, including pelagic and benthic fishes. Visiting the bay during summer or springtime is a chance to see migratory birds and various whales.

7 Knud Rasmussen’s Museum

Knud Rasmussen's Museum is found in Ilulissat and was built in the memory of Knud Rasmussen, a Danish explorer. The museum is trendy in Greenland for its exhibits on the explorer. It is a place worth visiting when in Greenland. The museum was constructed in 1917 and took an English cottage style. There is a lot of history to learn about Greenland and its people in the museum.

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6 Kangerlussuaq

Kangerlussuaq is a well-known place in Greenland for it is home to 2 international airports. As a result, that makes it very easy for people to access it and visit various destinations close by. The small town has grown very fast and gained attention from tourists. The town is found on the west coast and offers incredible landscapes. One of them is an Ice Sheet just a few miles away. On the other side, one can take a snowmobile tour on a snowmobile to the Ice Cap. There are other exciting transport systems for people interested in the adventure.

5 The Northern Lights

When visiting Greenland, the Northern Lights are a phenomenon not to miss at all. The northern lights in this region provide the best show of lights on earth. It is an incredible experience, and one should plan accordingly to witness the Aurora Borealis. The best time to visit Greenland to witness this feature is during winter. December to February are the best months to see the northern lights at night. However, one can be lucky to see them between November and March. The best destinations for this are Qaqortoq, Kangerlussuaq, and Ittoqqortooormiit.

4 Uunartoq Hot Springs

For a place as cold as Greenland, a hot spring should be an exciting thing to experience. The island of Uunartoq is uninhabited and offers the best hot springs. The place has three heated springs that emerge from small pools that provide a chance to bathe and are surrounded by mountain peaks and icebergs. Uunartoq is also a very accessible place as it is just a short distance by boat from Ilulissat.

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3 The Great Ice Cap

The Ice Cap is yet another interesting place to visit in Greenland. This Ice Sheet measures more than 2,000,0000 cubic kilometers and flows spreading below Antarctica. With the sheet being the second largest one globally, it is a magnificent natural phenomenon to witness. It is a vast area that will give a visitor goosebumps. One can also use a helicopter to admire the place from above to witness its true size and shape.

2 Viking Ruins

It is found in the Southern part of Greenland, which is the remnants of Eric the Red. It was from the Norse Colony. Visiting the ruins is a chance to revisit and relive history. The site is fascinating, and the road to the destination is full of adventures worth enjoying. The region has many Viking ruins, such as the Brattahlid and the Hvalsey Fjord Church.

1 Tasiilaq, East Greenland

On East Greenland, Tasiilaq is the largest town. It has a population of around 2,000 people. It is 100 kilometers from the Arctic circle on the south. Visiting this town is a chance to interact with people, take helicopter rides, hike, climb, fish, and visit glaciers and ice sheets.

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