Individuals visiting Jamaica are captivated by the most notable tourist attractions on the island, such as the Bob Marley Museum, Dunn's River Falls, and the famous beaches of the Caribbean Sea. However, others don't know that Jamaica has a lot to offer, and it is even more than the pristine white sand beaches and turquoise-blue waters. As a result, listed below are the ten adventures tourists can only have in Jamaica.

10 Bobsledding

Bobsledding is a popular activity at Ocho Rios' Mystic Mountain Adventure Park. The Olympic sport inspired the iconic bobsled ride, but instead of sledding on ice, bobsled is raced on a 1000-meter metal track. It lasts less than two minutes and descends the 700-foot peaks of Mystic Mountain, providing a birds-eye perspective of Ocho Rios and its landscape. Some guided excursions include bobsledding in their itinerary; however, for those who prefer to do it independently, the park admission charge is $0.32, and bobsledding tickets range from $76 to $109.

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9 Visiting Luminous Lagoon

What makes the luminous lagoon distinct among hundreds of rivers, beaches, lakes, and regular lagoons is the presence of microscopic organisms known as dinoflagellates. There are only four glowing lagoons globally, with Trelawny, Jamaica's "glittering waters" being the most luminous. The water shines with movement, and boat tours to the lagoon are done at night, allowing guests to swim in the illuminated water with the fish. The majority of guided tours cost $64.

8 Explore Sunken Pirate City

The fabled tsunami and earthquake of 1692 destroyed the town of Port Royal. Natural disasters inundated various structures, including underwater dwellings and forts, and killed thousands of the city's residents. Currently, the Sunken Pirate City's Port Royal has become a refuge for divers and archeologists looking to discover other treasures, artifacts, and structures. With a $15 admission price, Fort Charles is the most accessible tourist attraction in Port Royal for tourists who are not into diving.

7 Jumping In The Rabbit Holes At Reach Falls

The Reach Falls is located in Manchioneal, a scenic destination surrounded by the rich foliage of the Montane Forest, with the majestic waterfalls serving as the focal point of the attraction. There are small rabbit holes within the waterfalls, and tourists can leap through one of them to reach an underwater cavern that leads back to the main pool. Aside from that, there's a natural heart-shaped rock that serves as a Jacuzzi and a natural massage pool. The admission price to the falls costs $10 for adults and $5 for children ages 12 below.

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6 Get A Fire Massage

The popular Fire Water Pond or Windsor Mineral Spring is located in St. Ann's Bay, a rural suburb of Ocho Rios. The natural spring, which is formed of natural gas and a high proportion of sulfur, generates fire in the pond. Although the area is not a tourist destination, visitors would continue to come because of the many therapeutic and revitalizing treatments that the pond could provide. Furthermore, visitors to the pond are given "fire massages" by locals who use a towel that has been drenched in a fire.

5 Dive In Blue Hole

The gorgeous Blue Hole is located in the hills of Ocho Rios and has a magnificent pathway lined with numerous plant species that take every visitor to the natural pool. It is flanked by enormous boulders, lush foliage, and long rope vines that allow visitors to swing on and jump in the water. The turquoise pool has a depth of six to eighteen feet, is highly safe to swim in, and has an admission fee of $20. In addition, the pool features a large waterfall that cascades through the rocks.

4 Swim With Horses

Swimming with horses by the coast of the Caribbean's clear waters is a one-of-a-kind experience. Horses used by guided tours are well trained to swim in the blue waters by the tour companies and resorts, including Half Moon in Rose Hall, Montego Bay. Horseback riding by the bay and the ocean waters is included in most guided tours as it comes with a package. However, for those who are individually exploring Jamaica, the average rate for this activity is $79 per rider.

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3 Bamboo Rafting

The tranquil canal of Martha Brae, which is approximately 40 kilometers long and located in the southeastern section of Montego Bay, is an excellent location for a relaxing rafting trip on a 30-foot bamboo raft. It is led by a captain who is also a local guide. The Rio Grande also provides this activity, one of the most peaceful yet adventurous on the island. Rafting fees range from $40 to $180 for a one-hour trip through the 3-mile waterways.

2 Have A Beer

Jamaica is also famed for its crafted rums, and Floyd's Pelican Bar is one of the most incredible places to sample them. It's in Negril, an over-the-water bungalow-style bar made of wooden planks. Tourists must take a quick boat ride from Black River or Parottee Point to get to the bar. The bar also serves delectable seafood dishes, and guests can swim in the waters while they wait for their orders.

1 Visit The Blue Mountains

With an elevation of 2,256 meters, Blue Mountain is Jamaica's highest point. It is the home of the well-known Blue Mountain Coffee and the ideal location for camping, hiking, and riding. Many people would like to trek or cycle through the top to take in the lovely scenery provided by the hills. Shorter trails are also available for people who want to go down quickly. There are numerous inns and cafés in the Blue Mountains that make for an ideal pit stop on the way down. Additionally, the admission fee to the national park is $20.

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