It isn’t just about beaches or trendy tourist attractions; some travelers might opt to change things up and visit some lesser know landmarks while vacationing. If that happens to be you then you came to the right place for this article. Instead of featuring the breathtaking beaches or the finest restaurants in Italy, we instead shift gears looking at some of the most unorthodox and abandoned places from around the world.

It’s an added bonus that in some of these places a lot of tourist spots are just close by. Sydney, Australia and New Orleans are a couple of the examples. However we also feature lots of abandoned towns that really don’t have the same appeal. Most of those might fall under the “too much” category; from The Bran Castle In Romania to the Underwater City, you’ll be blown away by some of these places. At the same time, you’ll encounter some destinations any traveler might want to avoid. We offer a unique blend of abandoned areas worthy of a visit and those that aren’t.

Enjoy the article and be sure to send it to a fellow traveler. If you want to spice things up for your next trip then some of these unusual locations might be worth it. Without further ado here are 10 abandoned places you need to visit and 9 that might be too much. We start with a stunning castle!

19 Visit - Bran Castle, Romania

Romania was a sought-after vacation destination in the 90s. Sadly due to tough economic times the country has taken a tough hit in terms of tourism during the 2000s. However there are still reasons to travel there; one of which is the stunning Bran Castle. If you have a fascination with Vampires, then this is the place to go.

Tours are available and open for the public. The stunning castle remains one of the biggest tourism points the country has to offer. Even if you aren’t into Vampires or Dracula-things, it’s still worth the visit.

18 Might Be Too Much - Stanley Hotel, Colorado

Colorado can be a lovely travel destination, especially for skiers. Though we warn travelers that the Altitude might catch you off guard. You know what else might surprise you? The chilling Stanley Hotel. Such a destination might be a little too much for tourists. Although it looks pretty nice on the inside the hotel has become a popular point due to the haunted nature of the location.

On the bright side it does feature a restaurant spa and bed-and-breakfast type theme. In truth, a traveler might be better off elsewhere – that’s unless you’re into that type of thing, of course.

17 Visit – Floating Forest

Need another reason to visit Australia? Well here’s one, the stunning floating forest that’s over 100 years old. Located in the Sydney, Australia this spectacle is truly one you’ll never forget featuring an abandoned ship from back in the day. The floating forest has now turned into a one of a kind tourist attraction and a stunning one to look at.

It can be one of the many pit stops made when visiting Sydney, Australia with a plethora of other activities available. For any traveler that loves to take photos, make this trip a priority in the next couple of years.

16 Might Be Too Much - Isla de las Munecas

If a tourist plans on visiting Mexico it might be best to steer clear from the Isla de las Munecas, unless once again you’re into abandoned dolls put on display on an island. For what it's worth the destination has a decent amount of travelers.

However if one is heading to Mexico it is likely for the fantastic resorts and scenic beaches. Visiting an island with abandoned dolls in Mexico City just really isn’t worth the lengthy trip compared to some of the other great abandoned destinations on the list. Tours are very much available when visiting the location.

15 Visit - Pripyat, Ukraine

This isn’t just an abandoned area but an abandoned city from Ukraine. If a tourist plans on visiting the destination this is worthy of the pit stop. It is surreal to witness a ghost town in real-life even if it might be considered out of a traveler’s element.

The city has a nuclear history and became an abandoned location following the Chernobyl disaster. Don’t worry about the safety of this area as stats show that you’ll be okay visiting this part of the country. Radiation levels are also quite low so you don’t have to worry about that either.

14 Might Be A Bit Much - Salto Hotel, Colombia

The Salto Hotel might look beautiful and stunning from the outside; however, if a traveler visits Columbia they might want to skip out on this destination or perhaps snap a picture from far away.

Built in 1923 the mansion is said to be haunted. It was once a tourist attraction though due to lack of interest in the 90s it closed and was yet another abandoned facility. However it has now reopened with a museum theme attached to the former hotel. The destination might have a troubling past but is deemed as safe to visit. Nonetheless it still might be a little too much for some.

13 Visit - Underwater City

Need another reason to visit China? Well the Underwater City that is more than 1,000 years old should be enough to steer any traveler. Just by looking at some of the photos any traveler will get mesmerized by this once-in-lifetime type of attraction. It really isn’t everyday that you can go under the water only to find a breathtaking underwater city.

The city has done a fantastic job in keeping the area in tact throughout the years. According to the ideal time to visit is from April to November, due to the warmer water temperatures.

12 Might Be Too Much - Silver City, Idaho

The welcome sign entering the ghost town location is enough to make any tourist u-turn the heck out of there. Again unless a traveler is into this type of trip then by all means this ghost town might be worth your while.

These days the city consists of just fewer than 3,000 citizens. The location is 70 miles southwest of Boise according to Road Trippers. A total of 70 buildings still exist. It might be avoided due to the fact that there really isn’t much going on in the area. It can make for a pleasant couple of hours instead.

11 Visit - Michigan Central Station

Aside from catching a Red Wings, Tigers or Pistons game there is a lot you can do in the Michigan area. According to Time, among the best destinations worthy of a visit is the abandoned Michigan Central Station.

The building might look familiar as it is home to lots of pop culture landmarks; 8 Mile and Batman V Superman : Dawn of Justice were both shot in the area. Michael Bay’s Transformers is another flick. After years and years of failed upgrades Ford has finally purchased the property. It remains to be seen what the future holds. Nonetheless it is worth the visit.

10 Might Be Too Much - North Yungas Road

Aside from risking your life there really isn’t much else hazardous about Yungas Road located in Bolivia... In truth the layout is truly worth the visit especially for a tourist photo. However it might be far too risky considering the scary and dangerous landscape of the road.

The area doesn’t have the greatest history due to various concerns. That should be enough reason to avoid this destination altogether no matter how unique it might look. Searching for photos or videos online might be the way to go instead of visiting the destination.

9 Visit - Six Flags New Orleans

13 years later you can still feel the effects of the devastating Hurricane Katrina storm particularly at the New Orleans Six Flags, which remains abandoned. It might not be the first reason to visit New Orleans but judging by recent photos it is definitely worthy of a brief stop.

It won’t be a waste as you can also visit some of the top destinations New Orleans has to offer, such as Jackson Square and the Garden District. Let’s not forget about the most iconic New Orleans attraction of them all, Bourbon Street.

8 Might Be Too Much - Centralia, Pennsylvania

Is an abandoned ghost town something you would like to experience? If not, steer clear of this Pennsylvania district, a ghost-town in Columbia Country Pennsylvania. According to statistics the population hit a record low as of 2013 with seven inhabitants... Yes, seven. Some homes feature more people...

Again this is a destination known due to lots of pop culture involvement. Among the past films shot in the area include Made in USA and Silent Hill. It might be better to visit the location through these films and documentaries rather than making the trip to the bizarre area.

7 Visit - I.M Cooling Tower

Need a reason to visit Belgium? Like Romania earlier in the article, this European destination was quite popular back in the 90s, though tourism numbers have dwindled down for whatever reason in the 2000s. This Power Plant might be one of the top reasons to visit especially if a tourist is into futuristic looks. This abandoned Power Plant looks as though it belongs in another galaxy, far, far away.

Sadly the plant is no longer open with all doors closed. However snapping a photo from afar can still be worthwhile when visiting the country due to the uniqueness of the building.

6 Might Be Too Much - Willard Asylum

Anything with the word asylum in the name should be avoided. If need be you can look at some photos taken back in 2013 by the Daily Mail showing the interior of the location. Aside from that you should visit New York for other reasons and not because of this facility.

The former mental hospital is now abandoned and a place we would suggest a traveler avoids. The real kicker is the fact that lots of possessions remain in the facility, this according to Atlas Obscura. It features the type of architecture you would find in any scary old school flick.

5 Visit - Kolmanskop, Namibia

We have suggested avoiding lots of ghost towns thus far but this one in particular might be too unique to pass up. Located in the Namib Desert, this location features the odd concept of homes and building featured in a sandy location. Some of the homes are flooded with sand on the inside. It is truly a spectacle and one worth seeing.

Any traveler can get lost just by looking at the stunning architecture. If you don’t fancy a visit at the very least get a closer look at some of the remarkable tourist imagery taken over the years.

4 Might Be Too Much - Plymouth, Montserrat

A location destroyed by a volcano, images of the destination are truly surreal. One can easily find images of the abandoned town before, during and after the volcano. The photos are truly something else and captivating to say the least. The eruption back in 1997 caused this territory to be completely abandoned and it remains that way today.

Travel packages are available these days. If you’re looking for a different type of trip this one certainly fits the bill – if not, you can settle for the online photos available.

3 Visit - Villa de Vecchi

If a traveler wants to visit Italy and has a love for anything outwardly then this is a must-stop destination. Villa de Vecchi has a stunning look on the outside followed by a hazardous vibe on the inside. Located east of Lake Como, we understand if any traveler opts for a simple Venice or Rome trip instead.

However if a traveler wants to get the heart rate going this can be a memorable trip for anyone looking to visit something different. The Red House is definitely that.

2 Might Be Too Much - Hashima Island

Known as 'The Forgotten World' or 'Battleship Island', photos of this southern Japanese area are truly stunning. It is a land located on a body of water. Photos of the destination are truly surreal. As of 2009 the island reopened for tourism purposes and let’s just say you’ll never see anything compared to this stunning island again.

Again lots of films were shot at the location; memorable ones include the James Bond flick Skyfall. If visiting the location isn’t a traveler’s cup of tea it is at the very least worthy of a quick search to truly appreciate the uniqueness of the land.

1 Visit - Bodie, California

Lots of public and private tours are available for Bodie, California. Booking such an experience wouldn’t be a bad idea especially if said traveler is into abandoned ghost towns. Warning however, the location does look a little creepy and looks like one that has been very clearly abandoned for quite some time.

It appears to have the look of an old Western US area. Be careful with when you plan on visiting the area though, as the weather is said to be quite drastic with various shifts depending on when you visit.